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Kromschroder range of . offers combustion burner, gas burner, boiler and boiler control. Moreover you find , room controls, gas controls, gas valves and solenoid valves.

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Gas controls and heating controls for all types of heating systems and industrial furnaces

Problem-free solutions for gas combustion, burner management, boiler control

Elster Kromschröder gas controls – your success

Elster Kromschröder components are recognised as being of the highest quality. Well-known manufacturers of heating systems and industrial furnaces like to install them. As they too cannot accept the slightest compromise when is comes to safety, economy and reliability in combustion.

Filters, pressure regulators, solenoid valves and butterfly valves, pressure switches and combination controls for the industrial use of gas can all be found, along with gas burners and pilot burners, as well as devices for monitoring, controlling and automation of industrial furnaces. This selection is topped off with an extensive range of accessories for all types of gas combustion systems.

For the heating market Elster Kromschröder offers a wide range of heating controls for boiler manufacturers, such as boiler controls, boiler electronics and room controls. This heating range of gas controls is branded Comfort Controls.